Contoh Soal UKK Bahasa Inggris SD Kelas 3 Semester 2 + kunci jawaban

Pemerintah Kota Bandung
Dinas Pendidikan

SD Negeri Derwati
Jl. Derwati No. 40 Kec. Rancasari

I. Chose the correct answers by crossing a, b, c or d!

1. Wednesday,.....friday

A. thursday
B. wednesday
C. tuesday
D. saturday

2. There are....days in a week
A. seven
B. six
C. ten
D. twelve

3. The day before wednesday is.... 

A. thursday
B. wednesday
C. tuesday
D. saturday

4. The month before May is....
A. march
B. august
C. april
D. december

5. The month after august is....
A. october
B. september
C. november
D. july

6. Mother goes to...., she buys vegetable and fruit

A. post office
B. mosque
C. library
D. market

7. My mother is a doctor. She works in....

A. hospital
B. library
C. mosque
D. school

8. Mrs. Henny is a teacher, she teachs many student, she works in....

A. hospital
B. library
C. mosque
D. school

9. I am Akbar. I am a student, I need....
A.  car, uniform, handphone, money
B.  book, pen, pencil, bag
C.  house, car, sofa, bed
D.  ring, bicycle, shoes, food

10. My father is a....

A. mechanic
B. farmer
C. doctor
D. driver

11.  She is my sister, she is a....

A. teacher
B. doctor
C. nurse
D. dancer

12. There is dog.....the table
A. under
B. beside
C. behind
D. on

13. The bag is.....the doll
A. under
B. beside
C. behind
D. on

14. There is a...in the bedroom

A. spoon
B. pillow
C. tooth paste
D. stove

 15. There are....,.....in the bathroom

A. soap, shampoo
B. blanket, pillow
C. book, bag
D. plate, glass

16. Mother cooks in the....
A. diningroom
B. bathroom
C. kitchen
D. garage

17.  Is it spoon?
A. yes, it is
B. no, it isn't
C. yes, it isn't
D. no, they are not

18. Is it frying pen?
 A. yes, it is
B. no, it isn't
C. yes, it isn't
D. no, they are not

19. The spell of cup is....
A. C - U - P
B. si - yu - pi
C. si - yu - ef
D. ce - yu - pe

20. ji - el - ei - es - es





II. Match

  1. william is christian, he goes to....
  2. Ahmad is moeslem, he pray in....
  3. Mother buy vegetable in....
  4. I take a bath in....
  5. We celebrate Kartini day is....
  6. The day after saturday is....
  7. The building is for animal is....
  8. Rega sleep in....
  9. Belakang in english is....
  10.  Father saves money in....

A. mosque
B. zoo
C. bank
D. behind
E. sunday
F. market
G. april
H. bedroom
I. church
J. bathroom

Kunci Jawaban
1. a
2. a
3. c
4. c
5. b
6. d
7. a
8. d
9. b
10. d
11. d
12. a
13. b
14. b
15. a
16. c
17. b
18. a
19. b
20. c

1. I
2. A
3. F
4. J
5. G
6. E
7. B
8. H
9. D
10. C


Seragam kerja kantor murah di surewi said...

hatur nuhun Ibu....

Ny. Emma Handoko said...

sami-sami, nuhun atos dilinggihan....

Mohammad Yusuf said...

Thank's Ibu, izin copas ...

Anonymous said...

Ass. ibu, bisa minta tolong soal2 sd kelas 3 dan 6 untuk semester 1? saya butuh sekali. kalau tidak merepotkan bisa minta kirim ke email saya di mahfi_yusuf@yahoo.com
hatur nuhun.

Alin said...

Jzkillah Atas Soal-soalnya...

analisa egrina said...

terimakasiih :D
semoga berkah..

Sindy said...

Mantap banget kumpulan soalnya..thx ya

Anonymous said...

hatur nuhun pisan soal2nya bu

Anonymous said...

nyuhun pengapunten minta copas ngge bu

Ahmad said...

Jazakillaahu khairon katsiiro. Umm..

Nhana said...

makasih soalnya :)
sukses sll

Anonymous said...

makasi ya bun soalnya .. sangat bermanfaat bu anak saya..

Ni'matur Rohmah said...

maksih soalnya :)

Punguwanto Sipangkar said...

Thank's soalnya.

Susilo Nugroho said...

Suwun sanget....Barokallah..

lina said...

terima kasih atas soal-soalnya. mohon diinformasikan soal-soal tes cela/esol. thanks sebelumnya.

Umi Tursini said...

So many grammatical mistakes and spelling. Need to learn more how to write questions in English.

Dhiya The Frisk Roblox videos said...

Makasih ya bu, ini juga berguna untuk ukk nanti, makasih banget ya bu.

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